Sunday, 13 September 2015

World's largest feet

A man in maracay has the largest feet .
And is in the Guinness world record.
His feet size are right foot 3.79 inches.
And his left foot is 3.59 inches.

By Joshua.M

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A rottweiler cost of life time

This is what we are doing for maths this week this is what 
me and Mitchell came up with 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Twin stranger

Did you know There might be someone that look's the same as you other people have
Been seeing people everywhere that looks like you and you look like them and you don't know
them!And they don't know you.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hide and seek

                Hide and seek
As we gather in a circle and count to 10 who ever lands
on 10 is in and the rest hide YAY!! your a hider Run as quick as you can to the garden shed you can hear them
say here I come ready or not you stay as still as you can
until you can hear nothing YAY you can breath again
you wait for 20 minutes you get out hoping there not there

You run to the front yard and you see them they say oh there you are we started a new game and you're in!

Thursday, 13 August 2015



                                           How it’s celebrated
Matariki is celebrated in many ways in different countries in Maori
new year is the 1 of june.
                                        About waita and waila  
Waita and waila are twins and they join together to protect each other
and they are surrounded by family and you can only see them when they
come out 1 of june.           
                                        The Australian myth
In the kalgoorlie Australia 7 sisters went to visit earth so they went to visit
earth and they landed on a hill the yayarr men saw them land and the girls
got out and the yayarr men followed them and on girl went to get water
and one yayarr man followed her and she heard footsteps and she run and
told her sisters and they run back to the ship and shot into space again.

Image result for matariki
By Josh.M

My favorite item

My  favourite item is my ipod touch because you can download game’s
and talk to friends and some of the game’s don’t need wifi and some do
you Need wifi to download game’s off the app store and you can type
anything you want on google but you haft to download google but you don’t haft to download safari because it is already downloaded on your ipod when you buy the ipod at the store.And there is a message app that
you can use that is already on the ipod and there is game center that
you can sign into if you want so it will remember you and u can play games
with friends.You want to sell the ipod you can reset it (go on settings and
go to general and go rest and it will come up with a lot of stuff to click on)
You could get around $140 for one that is in good condition.
                                             By Joshua.M